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Eignungscheck vereinbaren
  • Eignungscheck vereinbaren

    Correcting defective vision. Rapid, pain-free and permanent.

    In the new FOCUS Eye Laser Treatment Centre in Graz.


Advanced technology combined with operative enthusiasm.

The opening of the FOCUS Eye Laser Treatment Centre in the Leech Med Centre in Graz means that Austria has one of the most up-to-date laser centres. A committed and friendly team of specialists awaits you and takes care of you during all procedures: the preliminary medical examination; advice about what is the right option for you; the surgical intervention and post-operative treatment.

Femto Laser Technology

In the FOCUS Eye Laser Treatment Centre we use WaveLight® laser equipment from the leading and most competent technology experts in the sphere of refractive surgery. In the WaveLight® system, diagnosis and treatment are perfectly attuned to each other. Using special software the results of the diagnoses are transferred directly to the laser system. The equipment works with a particularly fine laser ray which gently and carefully models the cornea. The uniform ray also ensures a particularly smooth surface. The actual operation lasts only a few seconds. This clearly reduces the risk of infection because the cornea is open for only a very brief period.

Sharpness of vision

We restore your eyesight in only 12 hours after an operation. Due to our advanced technology the actual operation lasts only a few seconds. This reduces the risk of infection and makes it possible to get back your sharpness of vision and live a life without glasses.

Frequently asked questions

Is Femto LASIK the right option for me?

Femto LASIK can be used successfully to correct defective vision between -10 and +4 dioptre values as well as astigmatism up to ca. 5 dioptres.

What must I be aware of before treatment?

A few weeks before the operation contact lenses should not be worn, so as to allow precise measurement of the eye.

Is Femto LASIK painful?

The operation itself is absolutely pain-free. Afterwards there might be a slight foreign body sensation but this rapidly disappears again.

How long will I be impaired after an operation?

On the day of the operation the eyes are sensitive to light. They can smart and itch. Reading or watching television should be avoided. Two to three day’s rest are recommended.

What possibilities are there if classic Femto LASIK is not suitable for me?

There is also the possibility of having the patient’s own lens replaced by a highly developed artificial lens, the multifocal lens. This is not visible, can remain permanently in the eye and makes it possible to see at various distances without varifocal and reading glasses.

Can head or eye movements during the operation impair success?

The WaveLight® bench is constructed in such a way that head movements are not possible. The laser itself registers even rapid eye movements and immediately adjusts the ray.


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